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We provide a suitable location for farmers to sell their produce directly to a wide and diverse range of consumers at reasonable prices. We encourage and promote own grown, reared and baked produce, using ingredients from the local region.
Farmers markets are known to add value to the development of an area. We promote the market, sourcing the farmer and their produce, maintaining high standards and sustaining them. We manage the running of the markets, we see to the day-to-day activities and organise a few events during the year.
We play a big part in helping the farmers bring their fresh & sustainable produce to your doorstop. We create a hub for the local community to meet and socialise on a weekly basis, we contribute to the regeneration of the area and help in promoting small local business.
Farmers’ markets have become increasingly popular in the last decade as more people are aware of the provenance of the food they eat. Our customers can purchase tasty nutritious produce which could contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
We support the local community and help in promoting environmental, economic and social development in the area.

Our market is FARMA certified.

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